Adidas x Detroit vs Everybody: A 313 Day Collaboration


Project Type: Visual Storytelling

Roles: Media Production

The Summary

Detroit, MI was built on a rich history and has been a major global contributor. From automobiles to music, there’s no shortage of what Detroit has to offer. As a result of a series of unfortunate events, Detroit has suffered a decline - until recently. Restoration, perseverance, and resilience are traits that have contributed to the resurgence of the city. Detroit vs. Everybody prides itself on being a homegrown label, based on the idea of “rebuilding Detroit's image through the restored pride of Detroiters universally.” Once Adidas, the streetwear and athletic apparel giant, decided to collaborate with Detroit vs. Everybody, in honor of 313 Day, there was no doubt that the mission to rebuild Detroit’s image to the world has made an impact.

The next step was to give this monumental apparel collaboration an identity to be broadcasted all over the world.

Here’s how we brought the Adidas x Detroit vs. Everybody collaboration identity to life.

The Challenge

As Detroit continues to grow through new architectural developments and corporate relocation to Detroit, the challenge rested on the ability to showcase Detroit pride in a culturally sensitive manner.

The Solution


Diversity, youth, tradition, resilience, and ambition - we’re the core tenets that we focused on for our visual illustration of the Adidas x Detroit vs. Everybody collaboration. The visual illustration not only served as a lookbook for the collaboration apparel, but also gave the partnership an identity and voice towards a highly engaged audience.

Keep it Local

We scouted locations within the city. Locations showcased were a blend of historic Detroit monuments along with recent architectural developments. The nature of capturing this on film, was to juxtapose old sites with new sites, in order to convey the message of ‘sticking to your roots’ and ‘resilience through withstanding the worst times and seeing a new day’.

Visual storytelling doesn’t end with film, but also carries over to audio. We chose a Detroit based producer, who then crafted an original beat specifically for the promotional video.

Cast in Your City

In casting efforts, it was important to us that diversity was captured in our models. Casting talent was seamless, since Detroit is already a diverse city and we are very well immersed within the creative community. We finalized on four models, extending across a wide variety of ethnicities, in order to showcase the rich culture embedded within the city.


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